National Geographic Says Baobab's Fruit Nutrition Is The Next Superfood – Kaibae Says It's The NOW Superfood

National Geographic's The Plate posted a recent article (March 2016) titled "Is Africa’s Ancient Baobab Tree Growing the Next Superfood?"  At Kaibae, that question has been answered.  Baobab's fruit nutrition isn't next; it's now.

In addition to paying tribute to the significant history of the baobab tree, the article goes on to report that the pulp inside of the baobab fruit pod has "six times more vitamin C than an orange, 50 percent more calcium than spinach, and plenty of flavor...The power of the baobab is no longer a secret."

The sweet and tangy baobab fruit packs a nutrient-dense punch.  Plus, with Kaibae's Superfood Sprinkler™ delivery system, it's super easy to get your healthy on.

Sprinkled on cereal, yogurt, honey-cinnamon toast, fruit bowls, or in your morning smoothie, baobab fruit powder boasts a zingy antioxidant boost, one that's best taken advantage of in the NOW, when your body needs it most.


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