The Kaibae Dream Team Goes to Ghana

This dynamic union of expert professionals lead by Dr. Luc Maes, Kaibae founder and Naturopathic Physician, Thomas Cole, humanitarian and international development expert (and five-time world Frisbee champion), Chris Jenkins, award-winning

filmmaker and Head of UCSB Film Studies and Dr. Jaime Matera, recognized anthropologist and CSUCI lecturer.  This "Dream Team" was so excited to be going to Ghana with Kaibae and I was happy to catch them on camera after one of their planning meetings!  

As Dr. Luc Maes says, Kaibae's Baobab fruit is harvested to help promote sustainable agricultural development, job creation, economic growth, and community development. Baobab’s economic potential has never been pursued in this region.  We recognize the importance of giving back to our product’s place of origin and want to be a part of the solution to positively affect and improve the lives of the communities in which we work, a model we have developed called Kaibae’s Seven Seeds of Sustainability. Kaibae has been active in the Northern Ghanaian communities where we source our products since the inception of our company and will continue to provide sustainable support for years to come.

For all the Kaibae followers and fans, I can't wait to hear about their trip, see their photos of the communities - and of course get a glimpse of the incredible, magical Baobab Trees!