Ready. Set. Go Kaibae!

With active lifestyles becoming increasingly popular, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike are searching for a healthy, sustainable energy source without the synthetic stimulants commonly found in commercial energy drinks and powders. As an ethical lifestyle company, Kaibae is dedicated to sharing the energizing benefits of the Baobab with those looking for a healthy boost to their day.

The sweet and tangy Baobab fruit is jampacked with vitamin C, an immunity boosting antioxidant that naturally increases energy and relieves fatigue. The high fiber content in Baobab fruit powder sustains a steady energy supply by balancing blood sugar levels and preventing those pesky mid-workout energy slumps. Baobab is also a rich source of potassium - teaspoon for teaspoon, it contains four times the amount found in a banana! Potassium supports the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body and helps regulate heartbeats. It also prevents muscle weakness and cramping, making it an essential nutrient for any physically-active lifestyle. Baobab is so beneficial that even world-class athletes are beginning to take notice of this nutrient powerhouse.

Keegan Cooke, the National decathlon record holder for Zimbabwe, has joined the Kaibae Team as the official brand ambassador. He and his wife, a professional dancer named Amy, were born and raised in Harare and share a love of active living - they even met at the gym! “I am deeply committed to promoting health and nutrition as well as sustainable development in Africa, so I am thrilled to join the Kaibae team as we work together to build this unique business model. It means so much to me to be part of a company that is helping back home while producing such a high quality, nutrient-rich, clean product like Kaibae’s Baobab. I use Kaibae’s Baobab everyday as part of my training and nutrition regimen, and I am excited to share the benefits I feel with others so they too can achieve their health and fitness goals!” Keegan will be competing in the 2015 All-Africa Games held in September in Brazzaville, Congo and is a 2016 Olympic Games hopeful. Go get ‘em, Keegan!

Baobab Fruit Powder is easy to use and a simple way to enhance any workout - just add a tablespoon or two to your reusable water bottle and take it with you for a hike, a race, or a stroll around the block! Skeptical? Come try some for yourself! Kaibae will be featured at the Whole Foods Active Living Expo in Santa Barbara this Saturday, June 27th from 8:30AM - 12:00PM in the Whole Foods parking lot. The first 100 attendees will get a complimentary gift bag full of samples (including Baobab!) and other goodies. So stop by, say hi, and go Kaibae!