Bao-brrrrr - Beat the Heat with Icy Treats!

The season is in full swing! With all those beautiful rays of sunshine beaming down on you, don’t forget to keep your body cool, happy, and hydrated. And while you’re searching for a tasty treat, consider adding Baobab to the mix for a healthy boost! Here are some of Kaibae’s favorite summertime recipes: check out our "How to Enjoy" and Recipe pages!


Tami’s Famous Popsicles

With only four ingredients, this treat is about as healthy as they come, and it’s oh so easy too! Just blend together orange juice, nonfat yogurt, Baobab Fruit Powder, and a hint of vanilla, pour the mixture into some popsicle molds, freeze, and voilà! Delicious, nutritious, icy-cold popsicles! You can even get creative and throw in some raspberries, mango chunks, or any other fruit you like!

Baobab Caramel Ice Cream

A treat for special occasions! Combining the delectable flavors of Baobab, caramel, and vanilla, this creamy, dreamy dessert will satisfy that sweet tooth and is sure to impress everyone at the party. And, hey, it’s got vitamin C and antioxidants! So go ahead, indulge a little!

Traditional Baobab Drink

Or what we like to call, baobab “iced tea!” Popular among the indigenous people of Ghana, this is a perfect way to add some  flavor to your water, milk, or non-dairy alternative without worrying about extra sugar! Add a little honey or agave for a refreshing drink or simply mix Baobab Fruit Powder into your water to make sure you get those recommended 64 fluid ounces a day.

With Kaibae Baobab Fruit Powder, there are so many possibilities! These are just some of our favorites, but Baobab is also great in smoothies and many other yummy treats! So get creative and make your own. Please share any delicious concoctions you come up with - we’d love to hear about them!