Are Probiotics Good For You?

Baobab to the Rescue: Prebiotics Promote the Health of Probiotics!

 are probiotics good for you

You may have asked the question, "Are probiotics good for you?"  The answer is YES, probiotics are great for you.  You may have also wondered what exactly probiotics like Lactobacillus Acidophilos and Bifidus do for your health.

There are numerous probiotic micro organisms that always live in the gut. These micro organisms are important for good digestion, a healthy immune system and they support beautiful skin.

Probiotics also:

- Make vitamins
- Break down food to extract nutrients that support our immune systems
- Produce anti-inflammatory compounds that fight off disease

And this healthy “flora” can get even healthier and grow more abundant by just adding PREBIOTIC fiber such as Baobab to your diet.

Research shows that by adding prebiotics, like Baobab fruit powder (which is nearly 50% prebiotic fiber), you can make an ever bigger difference in your overall health!

Prebiotic fiber is found in fruit and vegetables in various amounts. One natural food most abundant with this type of fiber is Baobab Fruit Powder. Yes, the fruit of one of the most ancient trees in the world, the baobab tree, can actually provide us with some valuable insight into living longer and healthier.

In addition to being an excellent prebiotic source, this great tasting fruit powder is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and is one of the most immune boosting, antioxidant rich fruit powders in the world.

Just a heaping tablespoon daily added to a healthy breakfast of yogurt, granola or smoothie offers all these essential nutrients and supports good health. This makes Baobab not only a superfruit -- it makes it one of the most powerful superfoods and an essential part of clean eating.

So when you ask, “Are probiotics good for you?”, know that probiotics are a great way to promote health, and that prebiotic fiber is one of the best ways to enhance the benefits of probiotics!   #Baobab #Poweredbybaobab #gokaibae

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