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From Vanity to Sanity

From Vanity to Sanity

Like most things these days, the beauty industry is going through major changes.

In years past, beauty was an extension of fashion. It was all about keeping up with the latest trend, visiting the department store beauty counter, and feeling like a fashionista while sporting a bold new look. Girls just wanna have fun, right?

It was fun, until people started discovering the ingredients hiding in their conventional beauty products.

Awareness of unnecessary fillers, chemicals, parabens, and more has fueled a revolution in the beauty industry. Consumers have become label savvy, and won’t stand to put unhealthy substances on their bodies. Beauty companies have responded by reformulating their products, replacing chemicals with powerful, natural ingredients, and making transparency a priority.

Enhancing beauty by optimizing overall health seems to be the new focus. Vogue, a fashion magazine, even wrote an article about including probiotics in your skincare routine. Beauty has become an extension of health rather than fashion, and we’re all for it!

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