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This Ancient Tree Activates Ancient Genes

This Ancient Tree Activates Ancient Genes

We are living in a society with mounting rates of obesity and illness, with 70% of all disease originating in the way we eat. It is as if the Western Diet – highly processed foods, preservatives, and low quality ingredients – has put our genes for resilience to sleep. It’s time to reawaken them and experience life with more energy, healthy weight, and greater vitality. 

Activating ancient genes called sirtuins may be an answer to many of our modern day ailments and a solution for optimal health and well being. Sirtuins are spurred into action when gut microbiota transform polyphenols into advanced signaling compounds – messengers specialized to improve cell communication. Maintaining a healthy gut microbiota and consuming polyphenol rich foods are crucial for sirtuin stimulation. When activated, these ancient genes help promote healthier weight, improve sugar balance, and increase muscle mass, research shows.

Close up for baobab fruit pods in a tree

Polyphenols occur abundantly in wild plants such as the mighty baobab tree. In fact, polyphenols are what help these ancient giants thrive in the harsh, dry climate of the African Savanna. A true superpower, baobab is uniquely concentrated in polyphenols, and also high in prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut microbiome. It’s the ideal food for reawakening the wisdom of ancient genes.

Activating sirtuins is yet another reason to prioritize a gut friendly and polyphenol rich diet, and to celebrate the incredible health benefits of baobab.

Experience a new level of well-being with this Wild Plant Super Power!



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