Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

Inspired by the Baobab tree we traveled to Northern Ghana and visited local communities who have cherished the Baobab for centuries. While Baobab’s benefits are recognized and a part of the local diet - it’s economic potential has never been pursued in this region. Kaibae is about making a difference.

Kaibae is an ethical business whose team of people have extensive experience in sustainable agriculture, food security, healthcare and community development. Northern Ghana has very few opportunities for economic development and by harvesting Baobab annually there is a new source of revenue improving access to education and healthcare.

Our direct relationships with communities enable us to be a part of immediate and measurable impact. In cooperation with local harvesters, Kaibae works with communities  harvesting Baobab in a sustainable and ethical way. Members gather Baobab fruit during the dry season and bring the pods to nearby collection centers where the fruit pulp and the seeds are separated. The fruit is sieved into a fine powder and the seeds are cold pressed to a high-quality oil.

Quality Assurance & Traceability

organic baobab kaibae

USDA organic

Kaibae achieved USDA Organic certification for the Harvest of 2013 to ensure quality processing and traceability.


Our products have been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance (genetically modified organisms).


We believe that health and wellness come from the environment and communities working together. We know business is responsible for positive change so that we can leave this big blue planet better than we found it.