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Meet your new ritual to rewild your microbiome gut to skin.


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It all started with the Baobab tree

Discover a new ritual inspired by Baobab and wild plants that nourishes inside and out, resulting in optimally healthy body and skin.

Customer love

I've tried lots of different kinds of probiotics and supplements but I love this one because it has immunity and skin benefits too. It's really helped me get my gut back in balance, I feel and look healthier overall. I also love that the ingredients are sustainable!!!


I started using this face oil nightly and within days my face cleared up. Just a few drops for a silky, smooth, non-greasy finish on my face. Love this product and this company so much for its commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Meghan Z.

I love the Baobab powder - I put it on my cereal every morning, add it to my yogurt, sprinkle some in my hot chocolate for a little zip - I swear this stuff keeps me healthy. This is a prebiotic wellness masterpiece, and should be a staple in everyone's pantry.


Our story

A curious and adventurous team of a doctor, humanitarian-botanist and curator making a difference for plants and people.

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