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Rewild Yourself

Discover resilient health and beauty inspired by Baobab and powerful wild plants for a balanced microbiome.

Microbiome Mist

Nourish and destress your skin with wild plant polyphenols, prebiotics, and postbiotic peptides.

Connect with the wild

Replenish your microbiome with Baobab and wild plants to reconnect with your greatest vitality.

A young couple ,man and women , meditative floating in the pacific ocean, enjoying a calm waters and fresh air

Why the Microbiome Matters in the Era of Covid-19

The gut and skin are homes to the microbiome, a vital living layer that's essential for protection against harmful invaders and critically important to the absorption of nutrients...

Red pouch with Baobab Powder pouring into blender with bananas, berries  and almond milk for an energizing  smoothie

How Gut Health Influences Lung Health

Good nutrition—specifically, a fiber-rich diet that promotes gut microbiome balance and healthy mucosa in both the gut and the lungs—is important for improving lung immunity...

Women by the ocean holding  bottle with microbiome mist to refresh skin allover  for probiotic balance on face and body

Prebiotic Skincare

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life seen in the number of species in an ecosystem and is a marker used to measure the health of a living system. A forest needs biodiversity to thrive — and so do the gut and skin microbiomes in the human body...

15 Amazing Benefits of Baobab You Will Love

The baobab tree is clearly a remarkable wild plant, but what are the health benefits of baobab powder and why are they so potent?

The Key to Unlocking A Healthier Urban Life

How do we regenerate human health in modern urban life? One solution: Ancient wild plants. Both CNN and National Geographic reported on the Hunter-Gatherer societies who have incorporated ancient wild plants into their diets and lifestyles for centuries.