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Protect your skin from the sun before applying SPF.

How to Protect Your Skin from Summer Sun Before the SPF!

6 days ago
As the summer sun heats up and we spend more time outdoors, increased sun exposure is inevitable. In addition to the necessary use of an SPF of at least 30, there are additional ways we can reinforce skin immunity against potential sun damage. 
Chante in a field amongst the wild flowers taking time to breathe and have quiet to relieve stress.

Stress and Your Skin Health from Acne to Wrinkles

We all experience stress in our lives and the way we experience stress varies depending  on our individual adaptive ability. While we often think of the mind-body-spirit connection with regard to stress on our health, recent studies into the gut-brain-skin axis shed new light on how  stress influences specific aspects of our health including the  skin. 
Basket of organic farmer's market vegetables and fruits with all the colors of the rainbow high in polyphenols to support gut and skin health.

Polyphenol Magic: The Top 10 Super Powers of Polyphenols

Have you ever wondered what makes plants look so colorful and how they are able to sustain such beauty? We'll let you in on the secret...there is an inherent wisdom and a reason for their longevity, whether you call it plant magic, super powers or wild intelligence —that reason is called Polyphenols
Baobab fruit powder on a table, apricot color, nutrient dense and naturally sweet and low glycemic. Baobab is naturally sweet and tangy is high in fiber and Prebiotic fiber for improved digestion and better gut health

Prebiotic Fiber: Benefits and Use

Prebiotic fiber helps improve and support good gut health. Taking an appropriate amount of daily prebiotic fiber will help you balance your gut bacteria, reverse symptoms of poor gut health, and reduce your risk for numerous diseases.
Friends at a table drinking prebiotic baobab powder lemonade for gut and skin and immunity wellness benefits.

The Ultimate Guide On How to Rebuild Good Bacteria in the Gut

The gut plays a crucial role in your overall health. If your immune system is weaker than it sho...
KAIBAE organic baobab fruit powder being added to a healthy smoothie recipe of organic fruits, vegetables and nuts and is being poured into a glass. The smoothie is bright pink and full of nutrient dense gut microbiome loving ingredients!

The Secret to Healthy Weight Is In Your Microbiome

Fad diets, exercise programs, weight loss supplements…why aren’t any of these helping you feel be...
KAIBAE baobab powder and gut/skin resilience supplement with prebiotics, probiotics ellagic acid, beneficial nutrients to help restore your gut microbiome balance supporting gut health and skin health.

A Healthy Immune System Begins in the Gut

Before the onset of the Covid-19 virus, the topic of the immune system may have only come to mind...
Many Reasons To Love Baobab

Many Reasons To Love Baobab

There are so many reasons to love the Baobab tree: It’s ancient, it's wise, and it bears a magi...
Baobab tree with bright green leaves and brown pods hanging from branches.

Why Your Skin Loves Polyphenols (and Baobab)

BY DR. LUC MAES, N.D. You may be familiar with polyphenols—they're the phytonutrients that color ...
Baobab Powder, sweet and tangy, rich in prebiotic fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols. Add to smoothie or water, for gut microbiome balance, immunity and glowing skin.

15 Amazing Benefits of Baobab Powder You'll Love

What is Baobab Powder? Baobab powder comes from the fruit of the baobab tree, which has been re...
fruits and vegetables on the counter top

Sugar…..Not So Sweet For Your Gut And Skin

The Western Diet does not support the demands  that come with modern living. In fact, it amplifie...
lemons on a cutting board

How To Boost Your Immune System With Vitamin C

What is vitamin C?   Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin found...
Thomas Cole, Barbara Berger Maes and Dr. Luc Maes, KAIBAE founders standing in the garden at Cold Spring Aloes Nursery, Montecito California

Moving Beyond Sustainability Interview with Kelly Kovack & Dr. Luc Maes

We just had to post this awesome big fans of BeautyMatter and Kelly Kovack's wisdom an...
Clive Piercy famous graphic designer standing at his desk with all his whimsical designs and collection of objects

Clive Piercy, Design Icon and Brand Designer Collaboration

Clive would have been 66 years old on May 29, 2021 Clive was hilarious, he was a design legend. ...
A couple, looking at each other, joyful and vibrant with great health enjoying the outdoors

Ancient Wild Plants, the Key for a Healthier Urban Life

Using Ancient Wild Plants As A Key to Unlocking a Healthier Urban Life By Dr. Luc Maes, N.D., fou...
Young women holding bottle of microbiome mist to refresh skin after sunny day

5 Things You Should Know About Postbiotics

You know about probiotics and you’ve probably heard of prebiotics, but what about postbiotics?  I...
A forest of Baobab trees in Africa.

It's A Matter Of Biodiversity Podcast I KAIBAE

Listen below for a heartwarming conversation between Dr. Luc Maes, co-founder of KAIBAE, and ...
Woman taking care of her skin microbiome using prebiotic face oil

Prebiotic Skincare: Rewilding The Gut-Skin Microbiome

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life seen in the number of species in an ecosystem and is a...
Baobab Tree in the evening sun

Why the Microbiome Matters in the Era of Covid-19

BY DR. LUC MAES, N.D. Throughout life we are faced with numerous challenges that affect our he...
Baobab powder improves immune function, gut mucosal health also benefits Lung health.

How Gut Health Influences Lung Health

BY DR. LUC MAES, N.D. Last week, I talked about the important role of the microbiome in the times...
 Woman applying kaibae  face oil, wildly luxurious microbiome friendly skin care

Get Healthy Glow by Nourishing Your Microbiome I KAIBAE

By now you’ve probably heard that your gut is home to billions of microbes, but did you know that your skin has a microbiome too?  Modern life can be tough on your skin microbiome, but there are certain ways to nourish it and achieve that healthy glow!  Read more1
Child on bike coming from school in Ghana

Carbon Neutral at Checkout With EcoCart!

In the US, the average person emits 16 tons of carbon dioxide each year meanwhile, the global ave...
This Ancient Tree Activates Ancient Genes

This Ancient Tree Activates Ancient Genes

We are living in a society with mounting rates of obesity and illness, with 70% of all disease or...
Children in Africa in colorful dresses coming home from school

KAIBAE Impact Report: Making an Impact Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

KAIBAE began out of a love for wild plants and a commitment to their stewardship. Eight years a...
Baobab powder in pouch lying on counter top

Hello, How Are You, Are You Well?

"Kaibae" means "Hello, how are you, are you well?" It is a common greeting in Kusaal, the languag...
Baobab fruit powder pod on table with dim lighting

Is Baobab Fruit Powder The Super Food of the Future?

In efforts to diversify our food staples, food futurists are looking far and wide for “new” foods to add to our everyday choices. That’s where undervalued plants like Baobab and Cacay come in.
a couple of drops of luxurious Face oil  in palm of hand

15 Reasons Baobab Oil Is The Best For Your Hair & Skin

  Whoever said, “you can’t have it all” clearly didn’t know about baobab oil.  Pressed from the ...
Baobab fruit powder with Forager yogurt for a healthy bowl of prebiotic and probiotic yogurt

Secret Soulmates: Probiotics Love Prebiotics!

Everyone’s heard that probiotics are essential in a healthy diet. In fact, you’ve probably eat...
Sustainable Brands: How To Save Nature With the Things You Buy

Sustainable Brands: How To Save Nature With the Things You Buy

By now most of us are aware that the planet is in trouble. Recent studies have revealed that if w...
Baobab powder provides a daily boost of prebiotic fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols and adds a great sweet and tangy flavor.

There’s WHAT in my GUT?!

How do you support your gut bacteria for optimum health? You've probably heard of probiotics, AKA the good bacteria in your digestive system. Well, probiotics have a lesser-known best friend, prebiotics

Meet your kid’s new BFF: bacteria!

Meet your kid’s new BFF: bacteria!

As a parent, your children’s health is one of your highest priorities. You want to protect them ...
Kaibae’s Guide to a Healthy Summer Saturday

Kaibae’s Guide to a Healthy Summer Saturday

We take Saturday mornings during summer very seriously. The rest of the year we like to nestle be...
KAIBAE Baobab Superfruit pod

The One Superfood For Beautiful Skin And Healthy Weight

Great skin isn’t the only benefit of baobab. Its tangy-sweet fruit powder supports the immune system, improves digestion, and can even aid weight loss! 
Beauty Ingestibles & Why They Are All the Rage

Beauty Ingestibles & Why They Are All the Rage

When it comes to beauty, it sometimes seems like there is no easy answer. Serums, moisturizers, ...
The Baobab Tree - Go Kaibae

The Baobab: A Symbol of Nature’s Resiliency

The Baobab has been in the news this past week. Science Magazine, National Geographic, The New ...