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#Rewild Your Gut with Baobab


It is said that the hunter gatherer days are far behind us, but in reality, the hunter gatherer ways are surrounding us today! 

CNN confirms that Baobab should be a part of YOUR daily routine! 


The gut microbiome includes trillions of bacteria that all have a major influence on your metabolism and immune system. The biggest diet-related shift in microbes are seen in unhealthy diets with little to no diversity and unstable microbiomes. Eating clean with Baobab improves your gut health, supports your immune system, and includes the needed prebiotics and probiotics for you and your body. 


Check out what CNN has to say about Baobab:


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Shape Magazine Features Baobab


Shape Magazine published an article on the best supplements for your diet and left readers with an open ended question: are they worth it?

Spoiler Alert: not all are worth it!


Here’s another question: what supplements made it on the list?

Baobab did and this is why:

It has about 25% of the fiber, soluble and insoluble, we need on a daily basis which helps with weight loss. The antioxidants found in Baobab help support our immune system. Vitamin C and  prebiotic is also found in this superfood, allowing for healthy digestion.


Bottomline is: research matters and you are what you eat. Eat clean, live on, and spread the word!


To read the full article, click on the "In the News" section. 

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At Kaibae we LOVE our 100% pure wildcrafted & organic BAOBAB OIL!

Baobab Oil here, Baobab oil there, you can shop for Baobab oil anywhere, BUT not all brands are offering you the real thing. Most brands offer you less than half Baobab and the rest is distributed amongst other oils, often more than one. So, what does pure Baobab really look like? The answer is Kaibae.

Here at Kaibae we provide 100% pure wildcrafted & organic Baobab Oil. The Baobab oil is a natural beauty product that works wonders on your skin.


Where does it come from? How is it made? And how does it benefit my skin?

Here at Kaibae the Baobab oil comes from the superfood known as the Baobab. We remove the seeds from the pod, wash them, and let them air dry. A press squeezes the oil from the baobab seed, and we later package the oil and send it out to its wonderful admirers.

Your skin absorbs the oil easily without clogging pores, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Baobab oil contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, all contributing towards maintaining healthy skin. This clear yellow oil is thin and silky smooth. It is considered a "dry oil", meaning it will not leave your skin looking oily, it simply revives your skin and leaves you feeling radiant.

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Enhance Your Routine!

Mind. Body. Trail from Kaibae on Vimeo.                                             Enhance your routine, powered by Baobab. Whether it's along the trail, back at camp, or at your office desk, Kaibae makes it easy to simplify your life and make time for the things that matter. Nutritious food, harvested sustainably. It is the obvious option in a fast paced world. Be good to yourself, and the earth... Simplify and Enhance.

Film/Edit:  breadandbutter805.com

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