Our Story

Kaibae = “Hello, how are you? Are you well?”

This is a true story about indigenous crops not widely known to the outside world. It is the story of a naturopathic doctor and a botanist-humanitarian, and their driving desire to make the world a better place. It is the story about how they came to know the potential of Lost Crops to promote health, beauty, community and the environment.

“It all started with the Baobab tree”

Inspired by the Baobab tree, we traveled to Northern Ghana and visited local communities who have cherished the Baobab for centuries. Baobab (bao-bab), the Tree of Life, grows wild throughout the African Savanna. While Baobab’s benefits are recognized as a part of the local diet, its economic potential has never been pursued in this region. The Kaibae language is the language of living in a better place — from personal care to global concern: authentic, ethical, educational, beneficial, economical and regenerative. The Kaibae journey strengthens the connection among people, the planet, and the products that support a natural, beautiful life.