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Discover A New Ritual to Rewild Your Microbiome

Rewilding in the context of wellness is all about undoing the negative health impacts of our modern lifestyles by bringing more of nature's benefits into our life. Pollution, poor diet, not getting enough sleep and exercise, and insufficient contact with nature are all contributing to compromised microbiome diversity.  A balanced microbiome is essential for optimal health and beauty. 


Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and other microorganisms, collectively known as your microbiome. Even though you can’t see them, these bustling communities of microorganisms keep you healthy by carrying out essential tasks in your body.  

Your gut microbiome (also sometimes referred to as “the second brain”) has a major influence on your overall wellness. About 70% of your immune system is in your gut, and a healthy gut microbiome fights off infections and viruses. A well-balanced gut microbiome has other benefits too, like good digestion, improved cognition and mood, better sleep, clear skin, strong bones, and more.  Your skin has a microbiome as well. The good bacteria living in the layers of your skin keep your barrier healthy, protecting you from the pathogens and environmental stressors you come into contact with every day. A healthy skin microbiome is  key for maintaining hydrated, radiant, youthful looking skin.

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Communities living closer to nature show that rewilding leads to a better skin health. The Hadza a hunter gatherer tribe in Tanzania relies on a diet rich in Baobab, and wild berries. They have the most diverse gut microbiome in the world. Heart disease and cancer are virtually non existent.The Yanomami hunter gatherers living in a remote region of the Amazon in Venezuela exhibit an unprecedented level of skin microbiome diversity. 


Rewilding includes taking steps to restore microbial diversity in your own body. Wild plants are rich in polyphenols and prebiotic fiber, essential nutrients for a resilient microbiome inside and out. This makes wild plants a powerful solution to address  gut and skin health from resolving acne to supporting healthful aging. You can begin to Rewild Yourself by including wild plants such as Baobab in your diet and skin care ritual. 

When it comes to improving our own resilience we can learn a lot from the wild where plants faced with the enormous challenges of harsh environments  concentrate powerful nutrients to preserve their own health and beauty. To rewild the microbiome captures that wisdom, a wild intelligence™ for a healthy balanced microbiome.

"When you take care of your microbiome it will take care of you—from smoother skin to better digestion, a stronger immune system and overall well-being."
 —Dr. Luc Maes, founder KAIBAE

Effective health and beauty products benefit your microbiome, not deplete it. Discover a new wellness ritual that nourishes from both inside and out, resulting in optimally healthy body and skin. 

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