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Hello, How Are You, Are You Well?

Hello, How Are You, Are You Well?

"Kaibae" means "Hello, how are you, are you well?" It is a common greeting in Kusaal, the language spoken in the communities where we harvest Baobab. We chose "Kaibae" because it reminds us of the first time we drove to meet with community members in the remote region of Northern Ghana. People were lined up chanting, "KAIBAE! KAIBAE!". We wanted to capture the joy and energy of that day in our branding.

So, we approached Clive Percy, former creative director of Roxy, and his team at Air Conditioned Media (A/C) to ask:

“Can you create branding that sings & dances
just like our community partners in Africa?”


A/C did exactly that and masterfully created a modern, bold, energetic design for KAIBAE. Clive Piercy was a legend, and sadly, he passed away a couple of summers ago. We are so honored to have worked with Clive and his team and are especially proud that the "pure potent wild" in our logo is his own handwriting. KAIBAE’s branding is extra special and we are so happy to share it with you!

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