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How to Protect Skin from Summer Sun Before SPF!

Protect your skin from the sun before applying SPF.

As the summer sun heats up and we spend more time outdoors, increased sun exposure is inevitable. In addition to the necessary use of an SPF of at least 30, there are additional ways we can reinforce skin immunity against potential sun damage. 

While UVA and UVB penetrate the skin to different degrees both are associated with increased oxidation and DNA damage. Kaibae's Microbiome Mist and Gut/Skin Resilience promote a microbiome similar to that of our ancestors living in closer contact with nature and improved sun safety. Gut/Skin Resilience is your base layer for sun protection and skin immunity.

Your skin is continuously moderating it’s environment but when sun exposure and pollution exceeds the body’s own ability to self-regulate, it can lead to an increase in oxidative stress and inflammatory reactions. When triggered, this results in the breakdown of both collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen breakdown can lead to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, and leads to accelerated skin aging. Sunscreen adds a layer of defense against UVA and UVB but more can be done to protect us from the damaging effects of the sun. 

Gut skin resilience and microbiome mist duo for microbiome skin protection

Gut/Skin Resilience is a blend of wild plant polyphenols with rich antioxidant benefits. Phytoceramides, prebiotics, and probiotics are shown to improve gut microbiome and skin barrier function. These ingredients are a nutrient powerhouse to preserve and improve collagen and elastin to fight the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Improving our gut microbiome health with probiotics and prebiotics improves nutrient absorption making nutrients more available to the whole body and skin.
The powerful blend of a prebiotic bacteriophage, soil-based probiotic and polyphenols includes Baobab, Kappaphycus seaweed, Citrus bioflavonoid, and Ellagic acid from pomegranates. This reduces the effect of UV damage while the phytoceramides prevent water loss and help preserve your skin tone for a healthy-looking complexion.

For best results, It’s the base layer combination that we are in love with of the gut/skin resilience and topical microbiome mist. Spritzing yourself from head to toe with the Microbiome Mist delivers skin nourishing prebiotics, postbiotic peptides and polyphenols. This simple two step healthy skin routine goes before applying your favorite clean SPF sunscreen. Build your skin immunity as the summer sun heats up. 


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