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The 10-Day Gut Reset: Reclaim Your Digestive Health

The 10-Day Gut Reset: Reclaim Your Digestive Health

It feels like that time again, time to embark on a 10-day journey to reset and revitalize your digestive system. With the change of seasons, now is the perfect time to start fresh and give your gut what it needs. Follow this comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan, enhanced with the powerful benefits of baobab fruit powder, to reset your gut health and start the new year feeling your best.

Days 1 & 2: Hydration and Cleansing with Baobab-Infused Water

Kickstart your gut reset with a focus on hydration. Begin each day with a glass of warm water mixed with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a tablespoon of baobab fruit powder to prime your digestive system for the day. Baobab is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which support healthy digestion by providing a potent nutrient boost.

Throughout the day, incorporate nourishing broths, herbal teas, and of course, ample water with baobab to flush out toxins and thoroughly hydrate your body, setting the stage for a successful gut reset.

Baobab fruit powder gut reset | How to reset your gut microbiome

Days 3 & 4: Trade Sugar and Processed Foods for Baobab-Infused Treats

In an effort to reset your gut microbiome, eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet, which can disrupt the balance of your gut. Instead, opt for natural sweeteners in moderation, such as honey or maple syrup, and choose whole, unprocessed foods to support your gut reset journey. Add baobab powder into wholesome homemade treats or smoothies for a sweet and nutritious alternative that satisfies your cravings without compromising your gut health. See our recipes page if you need inspiration!

Continue to start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon and baobab, and keep yourself hydrated.

Baobab Fruit Powder Recipes

Days 5 & 6: Embrace Fiber-Rich Foods

Up your intake of fiber-rich foods to support healthy digestion and nourish your body. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes should be the cornerstone of your meals, providing essential nutrients and promoting gut health. Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of baobab fruit powder—it adds a tangy flavor and an extra dose of gut-loving prebiotic fiber to your meal, aiding in moving out waste and feeding the good bacteria in your gut microbiome.

Continue to start your day with baobab lemon water and avoid sugary or processed foods.

Healthy meal prep with lots of fiber | How to use baobab in recipes

Days 7 & 8: Restore Gut Microbiome Balance with Probiotics

Replenish your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria by incorporating probiotic-rich foods into your diet. Unsweetened yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented foods will help restore balance to your gut, aiding in digestion and boosting your overall well-being. Enhance these probiotic-rich foods by continuing to take baobab powder mixed in water or sprinkled into your meals. Baobab is rich in prebiotics, which feed the probiotics and further support a balanced gut microbiome.

Continue to start your day with baobab lemon water, avoid sugary or processed foods, and eat fiber-rich meals.

Days 9 & 10: Incorporate Gut-Healing Foods

During the final days of your reset, focus on gut-healing foods. Be sure to incorporate items like collagen-rich bone broth and healthy fats such as ghee and olive oil. Together with the fiber-rich meals and fermented foods you’re eating, this gut-healing nourishment will aid in digestive tract repair. 

Continue to start your day with baobab lemon water, avoid sugary or processed foods, eat fiber-rich meals, and incorporate probiotic fermented foods into your diet.

Additional Tips for a Successful 10-Day Gut Reset

  • Stay Active: Engage in light exercises such as walking or yoga to promote digestion and overall wellness.
  • Prioritize Quality Sleep: Ensure you get sufficient, restorative sleep to support your body's natural healing processes, including gut repair.
  • Manage Stress: Incorporate relaxation techniques, like deep breathing and mindfulness, to keep stress levels in check and positively impact gut health.
  • Consistency is Key: While this 10-day plan serves as a reset, maintain your results by incorporating some of these gut-friendly lifestyle habits into your daily life.

Woman doing yoga to help her gut microbiome | How to reset your gut health

We all know how essential gut health is to overall wellness, which is why it’s important to intentionally reset. Luckily, by making a few simple lifestyle changes, you can support your digestive health naturally. With the 10-Day Gut Reset, you’ll set yourself up for great gut health and perhaps even pick up some new healthy habits. 

We hope you give it a try, and if you do, let us know how it goes on social media! (@gokaibae on IG and TikTok)

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