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Baobab: the Ancient Wild Plant That Holds the Key to a Healthy Modern Life

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Updated January 12, 2023

Living in an urban environment where sedentary jobs, sterile buildings, and processed foods are often the norm—the microbiome, essential to our health, is gradually losing its diversity. Your microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that connects us to the outside world and helps us stay healthy. When the gut and skin microbiome is out of balance, you are more vulnerable to chronic disease and infection. Living disconnected from the natural environment has made us less resilient.

How can we explore ways to bring nature to our urban environment to achieve and maintain good health? How do we regenerate human health in modern urban life? 

The environment and your microbiome

Epigenetics refers to anything other than our DNA influencing health and disease. This includes the environment, lifestyle, and diet, all contributing to the expression of our DNA. Your gut and skin microbiome determine how your environment is translated into your internal milieu and, therefore, essential to keeping us healthy. 

Baobab tree in Ghana, Africa with Baobab fruit

How does the urban lifestyle affect the gut microbiome?

Diet and your gut health

The Western diet of processed foods, high sugar, and high fat disrupts the gut microbiome balance; for some, it causes bloat, cramping, and altered bowel patterns, while others experience added brain fog and even skin problems such as acne. Your gut lining has the largest concentration of immune cells, and chronic low-grade inflammation eventually leads to more severe conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.

Stress and your gut health

In this fast-paced, hyper-connected world where stress has become endemic, your stress hormone production never seems to let off. While bursts of stress are good, persistent stress damages our mental, emotional, and physical health. In the gut, high cortisol disrupts the integrity of the gut lining, and gut dysbiosis and a leaky gut cause digestive problems, systemic inflammation, and an increased tendency toward diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

How does the urban lifestyle affect your skin microbiome?

Pollution and the skin barrier

Our wellness and our skin are tied together. As our largest organ, our skin keeps us hydrated and acts as a filter to keep harmful microbes and pollutants out. A compromise of the skin microbiome makes the skin barrier more vulnerable to pollution and microbes, which accelerates skin aging. Various skin disorders, including acne, are more common in urban settings. 

Diet and collagen strength

Research shows that a diet lacking fruit and vegetables increases oxidative stress and inflammation and weakens collagen and elastin, which accelerates skin aging. Fruits and vegetables produce polyphenols to defend against environmental challenges, and we can take advantage of these qualities in our food and skincare.

It turns out that wild plants are rich in bioactive compounds not found in processed food that are essential for gut microbiome health. Examples of “wild plants” include baobab, seaweed, and aloe. Incorporating wild plants are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols that help to rewild and restore our lost resilience and make us less vulnerable to chronic disease.


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Time to go back to nature and rewild

CNN and National Geographic have recently reported on the Hunter-Gatherer societies, which have incorporated ancient wild plants such as Baobab in their diet for centuries. They show excellent gut and skin microbiome diversity and virtually no chronic diseases commonly seen in the western world. Why is this the case? 

Baobab for a resilient gut and skin microbiome

Baobabs grow in the African Savanna and are incredibly resilient, some living to several thousand years old. Despite this harsh arid environment, they wisely concentrate nutrients that ensure longevity.

Baobab Fruit Powder is an excellent source of prebiotic fiber, polyphenols,  vitamin C, minerals, and B vitamins —all the nutrients your body needs to increase the diversity of the gut microbiome and help you handle stress.  

  • prebiotic fiber boosts beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • improves gut lining integrity
  • supports blood sugar and hormone balance 
  • adaptogen that levels mind and body
  • Vitamin C and polyphenols support skin health from within

Baobab Oil is a beautiful oil that delivers glowing skin and luxurious locks —providing essential hydration, antioxidants, and polyphenols to your skin and hair.

  •  skin microbiome friendly
  •  an excellent moisturizer for hair and skin
  •  antioxidants help protect from UV and pollution.
  •  protects collagen and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles
KAIBAE. microbiome wellness products for health and beauty inside and out


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KAIBAE's direct partnerships with harvesting communities in Africa support local livelihoods, preserve biodiversity and increase resilience to climate change.  KAIBAE health and beauty products benefit your microbiome from gut to skin while always taking care of the planet. Discover your new wellness ritual powered by Baobab and wild plants that nourishes from both inside and out, resulting in optimally healthy body and skin. 

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