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KAIBAE Co-Founders Interviewed by Food+Tech Connect for Biodiversity Series

From January 7 – February 8, Food+Tech Connect and The Future Market are hosting Biodiversity: The Intersection of Taste & Sustainability, an editorial series featuring interviews with over 45 leading food industry CEOs, executives, farmers, investors and researchers on the role of biodiversity in the food industry. See the full list of participants and read about why biodiversity in food is important here. 

There is a huge amount of opportunity for companies to capitalize on underutilized crops from around the globe that are full of flavor, beneficial for health and support local ecosystems and communities. KAIBAE is a beauty and nutrition company doing just that. KAIBAE works directly with indigenous communities to bring plants like Baobab, Cacay and Seaweed to the US market through its powders, teas, oils and beauty products.

Food+Tech Connect spoke with KAIBAE co-founders Dr. Luc Maes, Thomas Cole and Barbara Berger Maes about revaluing “Lost Crops,” establishing supply chains for biodiverse ingredients and how biodiversity is tied to our microbiome.

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