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Retailers key to next-gen brands fulfilling their missions

In the Aisle: Mission Matters

New Hope Network featured KAIBAE's baobab leaf face mask in an article about how retailers help mission-driven brands like KAIBAE to communicate their mission to consumers. Products are highlighted from companies working in the areas of disadvantaged communities (People first); sustainability and biodiversity (Planet first), upcycled solutions (Ingredient first) and supply chain transparency (Farmer first). Our story spans each of these categories, but the face mask is featured in the Farmer First section of the slide show (slide 32) .

KAIBAE baobab leaf face mask


Founded by a trio passionate about harnessing the power of plants while also supporting communities, Kaibae’s first love was baobab, the fruit of a tree that grows wild in the African savannah. But the company’s search for lost crops—indigenous plants from various regions of the world—later extended to a seaweed (Kappaphycus) farmed off the coast of Zanzibar and the nuts of the Colombian cacay tree. In each instance, Kaibae’s mission was twofold: to work with local villages to create sustainable livelihoods and promote economic development, and to bring the health and beauty benefits of these nutrient-rich crops to U.S. consumers. Kaibae currently offers USDA Organic baobab fruit powder, wellness tea, beauty oils and masks. New product: Baobab Leaf Face Mask; SRP: $48 per 3-pack

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