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Unboxed: 6 natural beauty masks for homebound consumers

New Hope Network praises KAIBAE's baobab leaf face mask for self care during quarantine.

As consumers continue hunkering down in the safety of their own homes, many have ditched their make-up sets and are leaning hard into pampering skin care routines. According to NPD, skin care sales within the natural beauty segment have risen an impressive 11% over the course of the pandemic. Taking the time out of one’s day to focus on cleansing, toning and moisturizing may seem trivial amid today’s catastrophes, but neuroscientific research backs the anxiety-reducing benefits such rituals have on consumers. Masking in particular requires a person to slow down and take at least 15 minutes to themself; it is also a vital component of the at-home spa experience, which shoppers have had to construct as spas and facialists remain closed for business.

KAIBAE baobab leaf face mask

Kaibae Baobob Leaf Face Mask

Disposable sheet masks are notorious for their wasteful nature, but this new one from Kaibae is fully compostable after use. The ingredients here are both organic and wildcrafted, two rising trends as consumers become more conscious of their products' environmental impacts. Kaibae's signature use of the Baobob leaf infuses the mask with vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. The company notably works in direct partnership with indigenous communities in Ghana to both advance social welfare and preserve biodiversity.

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