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It all started with the Baobab Tree...

It all started with the Baobab Tree...
KAIBAE team and work in the field in Ghana Africa with the Baobab harvesting community.

When our local paper published a follow-up story a decade later, we realized how far we've come!

Thank you Santa Barbara Independent for your feature on KAIBAE's work and our passion for the Baobab, wild plants, and their positive impact for people and the planet.  Team KAIBAE is grateful for all your support whether you have been following us for the past 12 years (yes 12!) or a new fan, whether your local or global. Please keep shopping and sharing the Baobab love. Enjoy the story

It's a fun read, they covered us back in 2014, and you can see we are still going strong —let's just say it's the daily dose of Baobab that helps!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Barb, Dr Luc & Tom, KAIBAE founders website Shop Now button I KAIBAE
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