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Podcast: It's A Matter Of Biodiversity, Kelly Kovack and Dr. Luc Maes

A forest of Baobab trees in Africa.
Listen below for a heartwarming conversation between Dr. Luc Maes, co-founder of KAIBAE, and Kelly Kovack, founder of BeautyMatter.  Kelly, a brilliant beauty world icon and trend predictor, and the awesome and endearing Dr. Luc come together for a deep dive into KAIBAE’s growth, how the beauty industry continues to move towards wellness - - and how Kelly feels that the KAIBAE brand is onto something big! 
So, whether you are working, cooking or on a road trip, it's a lively conversation you won’t want to miss. Tune in if you want to keep up with the beauty and wellness world or you're simply a fan of the KAIBAE brand and Dr. Luc!

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