Why Wild Is The New Organic?

Women harvesting seaweed for the KAIBAE face oil

Wild plants are different from farmed plants. Without the help of humans, they have to figure out how to survive on their own. Wild plants, especially those growing in harsh environments, develop a “wild intelligence” that causes them to condense nutrients in order to survive. Wild plants also grow deep roots systems which allow them to take advantage of the beneficial bacteria and nutrients in the soil. Farmed plants don't develop such deep roots as there are few beneficial bacteria in the overused dirt. The good bacteria in the soil are not only essential for the health of the plants, but for the consumers of the plants as well. When wild plants are ingested these bacteria help balance the gut microbiome, which in turn supports the immune system and overall health of the animal or human.

"Because wild plants condense their nutrients in order to survive life in a harsh environment, they provide more potent benefits when consumed or used on the body"

Wild plants are also more sustainable because they thrive on their own, without the use of pesticides, dangerous chemicals, or genetic engineering. There are many regions around the world where beneficial wild plants grow abundantly, yet are not being harvested. We travel to these places in search of powerful, sustainable ingredients for our health and beauty products. We chose to use wild plants like baobab, cacay and seaweed because they are incredibly potent, provide amazing benefits to the skin and body, and grow in the wild as nature intended.

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