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Beauty Ingestibles & Why They Are All the Rage

Beauty Ingestibles & Why They Are All the Rage

When it comes to beauty, it sometimes seems like there is no easy answer. Serums, moisturizers, face washes and oils, all greet our eyes at every beauty store. But now a new take on beauty has emerged, beauty that starts within. You’ve heard, “you are what you eat”, it makes perfect sense that what we put in our bodies affects the way we look and feel. A balance in lifestyle, state of mind and nutrient intake are essential to optimal health and beauty inside out / outside in.

The skin is a great barometer of what's going on inside our bodies. 

A new craze of beauty ingestibles, elixirs and supplements are hitting the shelves and we understand why. Our baobab powder is just a bigger form of these ingestibles (don’t worry we’ve been working on something really special coming soon!). Science is increasingly showing that healthful choices improve cell communication between the gut, the neuroendocrine system, and promote radiant skin health. 

Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. Studies show that antioxidants reduce the signs of aging, minimize wrinkles and preserve the youthful texture of skin. By taking our prebiotic blend daily, it supports gut and digestive health, the immune system and energy levels. Not to mention, with the high source of Vitamin C, it improves collagen formation which is important to maintaining the structural integrity of the skin. Vitamin C provides revitalizing, anti-aging benefits that protects skin from external stressors such as sun, air pollutants and chemicals.

In some ways, ingestible products can deliver more effective long-term results than topical products, as they work from the inside out to address issues. So next time when you are searching the shelves at your favorite beauty or wellness store, seek out the section of ingestibles, elixirs and powders! Start the beauty within. 

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