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Kaibae’s Guide to a Healthy Summer Saturday

Kaibae’s Guide to a Healthy Summer Saturday

We take Saturday mornings during summer very seriously. The rest of the year we like to nestle between the sheets until 10am, but during the summer months we are up at the first ray of light… ok maybe the second.

Photo by: Handlebar



First up, coffee. We are morning people as long as it involves coffee. You can find us sipping on almond milk lattes at the local coffee house, Handlebar. Since the opening of the newest location on De La Vina, we can’t get enough of the warehouse like space and friendly baristas. The trip isn’t complete unless the plate sized avocado toast with micro greens, tomatoes and drizzled tahini is ordered. We leave feeling fueled and ready for the day.

Photo by: CorePower



9am C2 with Brandon calls our name most Saturday mornings. After a long work week, setting aside an hour on our mat is a great reset. The sunlit studio if filled with some of Santa Barbara’s most practiced yogis. It’s a beautiful space to connect with our community and work on our mindfulness. 

When we aren’t on our mat you can find us hiking up Inspiration Point to take in the stunning vistas.

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Inspiration Point

This 3.5-mile hike is a great 1 hour 30 minute trail, making it the perfect distance for a morning stroll. One of our intentions this year is to spend more time in nature, reconnecting with ourselves and the outside world.

The trail winds its way through the foothills, smells of white sage and licorice plants fill the air as you make your way up. At the top you are greeted with unobstructed views of the ocean, mesa and surrounding mountain ranges.


Photo by: Farmbelly


Farmers Market

We are blessed with the accessibility of local, fresh and sustainable food year round. The Santa Barbara Farmers Market is one of the city’s most notable attractions and local favorites. On Saturdays we hop down to Cota street with our woven basket and fill it with: fresh herbs, buttery avocados, sweet fuji apples and an array of colored fruits and vegetables. FYI - the flower selection is the best in town, so stock up! 

Photo by: Juice Ranch

Juice Ranch

Honestly we can’t get enough. The Hulk smoothie and Yoda compete for our attention, both filled with green goodness to keep us full and energized. With stress relieving and focus enhancing minerals these two drinks are great for an afternoon pick me up. Don’t forget the turmeric cookie!  Free & clear of refined sugars, just what we like! (gf & v)

Kaibae is all about sustainability & Juice Ranch speaks our language. Their juices are housed in glass containers, locally sourced and ingredients are 100% organic.

ATTENTION! Keep your eye out for the NEWEST summer smoothie launching at Juice Ranch featuring Kaibea’s Baobab powder!




Summer BBQ’s

Is there anything better than throwing fresh fish (preferably Rockfish) from Kanaloa Seafood on the grill and prepping a big yummy farmers market salad? Ya, we didn’t think so.

Invite your friends over for a home cooked meal and good conversation. This is suppose to be a healthy Saturday night, but we can’t help ourselves to a sip of good red wine... it does has heart benefits!

You can’t throw a summer bbq and not offer dessert, finish the night up with homemade popsicles. Easy to make and your guests will love them! No, they aren’t only for kids. 


Photo by: California Home+Design 


This plant-based restaurant opened on Coast Village Rd. back in December 2017 and has been a hit with the locals ever since. Each dish is made with organic and fresh ingredients, feeding your appetite in a healthy way. The inviting indoor/outdoor space offers a relaxing dining experience during the warm summer nights. These flavorful and healthy dishes will have you coming back for more!