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Meet your kid’s new BFF: bacteria!

Meet your kid’s new BFF: bacteria!

As a parent, your children’s health is one of your highest priorities. You want to protect them at all costs so they grow up to be healthy and strong. But what if there was an easy way to boost their immune systems for life?

The secret is simple: Let them play outside! Playing in the dirt and breathing fresh air exposes us to all kinds of tiny little bugs, or bacteria. But before you get squeamish and lock the kids away forever, it’s important to know that exposure to many kinds of bacteria is essential in order for them to develop a robust immune systems.

Over the years, research has shown that children who grew up in farm environments (lots of outdoor time, exposure to animal bacteria, etc.) were far less likely to develop asthma and autoimmune diseases than children in urban areas. In fact, children in extremely clean households were more likely to have autoimmune problems, despite their parents’ efforts to keep them safe from “germs”. It turns out that exposure to various bacteria trains our immune systems to be more effective. There is a window of time in childhood where contact with a plethora of bacteria is important because it sets up the immune system for life.

One kind of tiny bug that can help your kids is probiotics. These are the good bacteria in your gut that keep everything running smoothly. Probiotics feed off of prebiotic fiber, which can be found in fruits and vegetables.

Making sure you and your children are consuming foods with high prebiotic content is key. Top trending ingredient, Baobab, is the prebiotic powerhouse that promotes optimal health for kids and their parents. High in vitamin B and C, amino acids and minerals, the Baobab fruit produces a powder that is naturally sweet, tangy and 48% prebiotic fiber! Just a tablespoon a day of Kaibae’s Organic Baobab Fruit Powder will help your kids gut bacteria flourish.

After a long day of rolling in the dirt, give your kids a treat that is secretly great for them: a Bao-pop!