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Prebiotic Skincare: Rewilding The Gut-Skin Microbiome

Woman taking care of her skin microbiome using prebiotic face oil

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life seen in the number of species in an ecosystem and is a marker used to measure the health of a living system. A forest needs biodiversity to thrive — and so do the gut and skin microbiomes in the human body.

The way we look and feel has a lot to do with our interaction with our environment. When this interaction is harmonious — benefits both the body and the earth — it’s called symbiosis. However, as climate change, deforestation, and pollution degrade the environment and threaten the biodiversity around us, the healthy microbiota living in our gut and skin are also compromised. Moving away from nature and living in cities tames the immune system and lowers the body’s innate defense mechanisms.

baobab microbiome prebiotic antioxidant

To increase biodiversity in the gut and skin microbiomes, we must reconnect with nature and plants that are guided by inner wild intelligence. After centuries of adaptation, these wild plants have developed the resilience to thrive in some of the most challenging environments, from the African Savanna to the Amazon Rainforest. Plants that are rich in prebiotic fiber, like the Baobab, allow the probiotics in our gut and skin to flourish for good health inside and out.

Adding some wild wisdom to our diet and skin care regimen may very well improve nutrient absorption in the gut, regulate the skin’s natural balance, and inspire symbiosis with the environments where we live, work, and adventure.

baobab microbiome prebiotic antioxidant

baobab microbiome prebiotic antioxidant


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