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The Future of Food is Sustainable, Tasty and More Biodiverse

Future Market

The future of food will be more environmentally sustainable and biodiverse, according to industry experts and new research, reports

Sustainability has been a much-discussed topic inside and outside the food industry over the last few years. Food activists and consumers, too, are increasingly demanding — and voting with their food shopping dollars — that food companies practice better sustainability and environmental stewardship.

In the photo above, The Future Market and Alpha Food Labs have created the Biodiverse Foods Shelf installation at Mista, the future-focused food optimization and innovation center in San Francisco. Note KAIBAE'S red bag of Baobab Fruit Powder on the right shelf, second from the bottom.

Consumers are voting with their dollars against unsustainable brands.

–Tensie Whelan, professor, NYU Stern School of Business, and director, Stern Center for Sustainable Business

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