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The Baobab Tree - Go Kaibae

The Baobab: A Symbol of Nature’s Resiliency

The Baobab has been in the news this past week. Science Magazine, National Geographic, The New ...
So, What Is A Lost Crop Anyway?

So, What Is A Lost Crop Anyway?

Dr. Luc Maes says it best:

“Kaibae uses wild crafted plants, as nature intended, not modified by man. Nature shaped these plants in the wild, concentrating vital nutrients, making them hardy and beautiful, ensuring longevity in the harsh environments of the Ocean, the Amazon and the Savanna. There is a wisdom within plants that organize their nutrients to live long. It is that wisdom that Kaibae is bottling to make people healthy and beautiful. These ancient plants will disappear if we do not capture that wisdom and vitality. We can only save these plants by supporting communities to use these plants wisely, by creating sustainable harvesting opportunities which ultimately protects the environment. These plants once lost now are found, and they are precious to the survival of the planet and humanity.” -Dr. Luc Maes, Kaibae Co-Founder